Squak Glacier - 2016

June 10, 2016 - Squak Glacier 

Welcome to the Squak Glacier! The mountain is beautiful this spring. Come out and enjoy the wilderness.
Scott Paul Trail is still mostly snow covered above tree line. 
Roads: Forest roads #12 and #13 are open and clear of snow to Schrieber's Meadows trailhead. The road has recently been graded.

Trail: Scott Paul Trail is mostly clear of snow to about 4500 feet, or the meadow just below treeline. Fallen trees have been logged off the trail. The suspension bridge across Rocky Creek has not been installed yet.

Camps: Snow still covers most of Cragview Camps, but 4-6 dry tent sites are currently available. Campers have been able to find running water nearby. Ravens, mice, and marmots are present, so make sure to store your food securely.

Camps are still mostly covered in snow. 
Route: Climbers and skiers are following a direct route to Sherman Crater and up the final summit wall. Most snow bridges are in good condition, but all visitors should assess bridges carefully during their ascent and descent. Warm temperatures can cause rapid changes. Parties are encountering significant crevasse crossings at about 8300 feet, 8500 feet, and 9000 feet. Recent fresh snow above 8000 feet has kept the glacier smooth, but sun cups are beginning to develop lower down. The bootpack up the summit wall heads straight toward Grant Peak. Remember to get an early alpine start and get off the glacier before the worst midday heat.

Generally good snow coverage on the glacier. 

The bootpack up the final wall is currently direct. 
LNT: When camping on snow, please do not secure your tent with rocks. Collecting rocks causes damage to fragile alpine ecosystems. Instead, use snow anchors, pickets, or another anchor. Mountain toilets will not be flown onto Mount Baker this year, so please use blue bags or another system to package and carry out all human waste. Blue bags are available for free from the public service centers in Glacier and Sedro Woolley. Help us keep Mount Baker pristine!

Thanks and happy climbing!