Boulder Glacier - 2017

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Coleman Deming - 2017

Glacier Creek Road is clear of snow to within 1.5 miles of Heliotrope Ridge Trailhead. From that point forward, the road is mostly covered in snow with a few bare patches of gravel and asphalt. Please remember to park along the side of the road in a fashion that allows other cars to get past and turn around.

Heliotrope Ridge Trail is covered in snow from the trailhead to Hogsback Camp and Harrison Camp. Creek and river crossings are also covered in a snow but will be melting out quickly. Snow bridges across creeks can melt from the bottom and collapse unexpectedly.

There is snow on the road down to about 3,000 ft, however, the forest is free of snow up to about 3,500 ft. The snowpack is deeper this season than it has been for the past few years, which makes for some great skiing conditions on the mountain. The weather has been very warm lately and the snowpack is changing rapidly. Get an early start on your summit attempt and get off the glacier before the hottest part of the day.

The Coleman-Deming route is currently straightforward and direct. There are a few crevasse crossings along the way, but all can be navigated safely using standard glacier travel techniques. Large debris was observed beneath the hanging glacier on Colfax Peak, indicating that there had been a recent avalanche there. Move through this section of the route quickly to reduce the amount of time you spend beneath this objective hazard. Pumice Ridge is still covered in snow, as is the rock on the upper Roman Wall. Grant Peak and the summit register are also still covered in snow. Warm weather will increase the risk of avalanches and snow bridge collapses, so begin your summit attempt very early in the day when temperatures are cooler and the snow has had a chance to firm up. When descending from Hogsback Camp, avoid traveling directly down the drainage to the west of Hogsback Ridge. A dangerous moat develops there this time of year and cannot be seen from above. There have been several accidents in this area in the past, so please do not glissade or ski down this drainage, stick to the ridge instead.

There are no dry campsites or running water available at Hogsback Camp or Harrison Camp. Be prepared to camp on snow and melt snow to make water. Always remember to pack out all garbage and human waste using blue bags or another waste removal system. Help us keep the wilderness pristine. Thanks and happy climbing!

Coleman Headwall - 2017

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Easton Glacier - 2017

Snow covers the final 2 miles of road #13 before reaching Schrieber's Meadow parking lot.

North Ridge - 2017

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Park Glacier - 2017

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