Squak Glacier - 2017

Squak Glacier - June 5, 2017

Forest Road #12 and #13 are clear of snow to within half a mile of Schriebers Meadow Trailhead. Warm summer temperatures will melt the snowpack quickly. We expect the trailhead to be mostly clear within the next 10 days.
Metcalf Moraine area below Cragview Camp
Scott Paul Trail and Park Butte Trail are snow covered from the trailhead to all camps and climbing routes. 
Looking across Rocky Creek drainage toward Railroad Grade.
Soft corn snow exists on most aspects and at elevations below 9500 feet. Some icy conditions on the final thousand feet of the climbing route. The snowpack there is reportedly softening up nicely for skiing by about noon. 

The Squak Glacier is in great shape. Most climbers and skiers are traveling directly up the Rocky Creek drainage on snow to access Cragview Camps and the Metcalf Moraine. This is a good option right now until the snow melts out of the creek. From Cragview Camps, the route to Sherman Crater is straightforward. The winter snowpack is still covering most of the major crevasses. We observed several cracks beginning to appear, but crossed them without difficulty. Be aware of rockfall coming off Sherman Peak and the cliffs near Sherman Crater. If you’re going to stop here for a break, make sure you are well away from the rock. There are no crevasses visible on the final summit wall. Grant Peak is still covered in snow. 
Lower Squak Glacier
Cragview Camps is still completely covered in snow. No dry campsites are available. There is also no running water available in the area yet, so campers will have to melt snow to make water. Remember to bring extra fuel for this purpose. Visitors must pack out all garbage and human waste. Blue bags are available for free from the USFS Stations in Sedro Woolley and Glacier, and at many trailheads. Please helps us keep the mountain clean for future visitors. It’s everyone’s responsibility to take care of the wilderness. Thanks and happy climbing!