North Ridge - 2018

July 17, 2018 - North Ridge

Route report of a recent North Ridge ascent by a visitor:

"We found soft punchy snow on the ridge; relatively hard ice at the crux, along with some rotten ice for good measure. Crevasses were plentiful, even on the ridge, and there were some dicey steps over them just before the crux. We gained the ridge by crossing the shrund on the Roosevelt Glacier over a steep and thin snow bridge while most parties appeared to be taking the ridge directly and then skirting around to the Hourglass over dry ground. Descending the CD we found the pumice ridge to be dry, and a huge icefall/avalanche off of Colfax on the 12th, covered the boot track with car and bus sized debris, and could have buried dozens had they been on the route." --Eric W. Trenbeath

May 14,2018 - North Ridge 

There was an avalanche crown visible above the ice pitches on the upper lobe of glacier. 

May 6, 2018 - North Ridge 
Several bootpacks were visible ascending the apron to gain the ridge.